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Apprenticeships are the primary way in which we link individual artists with the international arts community, providing "on-the-job" professional training, or mentoring and support from experienced professionals. We indentify talented people at an early stage of their career, and give them a fully funded scholarship to participate in a professional arts project abroad. Apprenticeship programmes and exchanges have recently operated between Cape Verde, Mexico, Zimbabwe and the UK and USA.


Brooke Ciardelli, Michael Kudakwashe, Giles Ramsay

"Developing Artists opened so many doors, so many opportunities for me."



"Developing Artists gave me the experience and the opportunity that has been fundamental to my career and life. But, not only that, I managed to cement friendships based on mutual respect of our differing talents and personalities with people from all walks of life."




Do you have a creative project that will help raise awareness of a key advocacy issue, working with marginalised or disadvantaged groups? We provide a limited number of financial grants to individuals and organisations who have a project that falls within our charitable remit. We welcome submissions from around the world, and these are considered at our quarterly trustee meetings. Please get in touch with us for further information.  


"Thank you Developing Artists for generously supporting my research on Syrian Refugee Stories, which will enable others to understand the struggle from a different perspective."

REEM ASSAYYAH - Grant Recipient

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