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Based on Ahmed Tobasi’s own extraordinary coming of age story, And Here I Am is an epic voyage of identity and self-discovery in the first and second Palestinian intifadas (uprisings).

Combining fact and fantasy, this is an extraordinary tale of occupation and resistance, fear and heroism. It follows Ahmed’s journey from the West Bank to political exile in Norway and back again, and his transformation from armed resistance fighter to established artist.

Award-winning writer Hassan Abdulrazzak (Love, Bombs & Apples) and the team behind the critically-acclaimed 2016 tour of Queens of Syria join forces for this unforgettable tale of one boy’s struggle for self-determination in a violent world.


(£10 including postage and packaging to UK. Posting to USA costs the charity £5 - if ordering from outside the UK we ask you to please make an additional donation using the 'DONATE' button above to cover shipping costs) 

And Here I Am - Play Text

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